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Lithium Bromide Unit
Exhaust fired LiBr absorption chiller

1. Unit cooling capacity: 100kW - 11630kW

2. Heat input: Exhaust gas

  • “Cold bulge "type high pressure generator :Avoid brass pull, and convenient repair

  • Mechanical and electric-controlled anti-freezing system: multiple anti-freezing measures

  • Hybrid automatic purge system with multiple ejectors and fall-head structure: ensuring fast vacuum pumping and maintaining high vacuum.

  • Solution series cycle technology, simple and reliable system piping design: Simple operation, reliable

  • Hybrid automatic anticrystallization system combining level difference dilution and crystal melting: preventing crystallization

  • Mixed-flow circulation technology: a unique refrigeration process flow

  • Economizer: increasing output energy

  • Mechanical and electric-controlled anti-freezing system: multiple anti-freezing measures

  • Fine flash vaporization device: recycling waste heat of refrigerant

  • Self-adaptive cooling storage device: improving partialload performance and shortening

    start/stop time

  • Plate heat exchanger: over 10% energy saving

  • Special treatment technology for transfer tube surface: guaranteeing high-efficiency heat exchange and reducing energy consumption

  • Inhibitor lithium molybdate: environmental-friendly

  • Fully welded structure: reliable sealing

  • Variable frequency control: energy saving technology

  • Full automatic control function

  • Unique load-adjusting function

  • Unique circulating solution amount control technology

  • Cooling water temperature limit control technology

  • Complete self-diagnosis and protection functions

  • Intelligent automatic purge system

  • Unique shutdown dilution control technology

  • Parameter management system

  • Fault management system

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