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Central Vacuum Hot Water Unit
The Central Vacuum Hot Water Unit

The central vacuum hot-water unit / Vacuum Boiler

Deepblue central vacuum hot-water unit is the Deepblue air conditioning company use a

number of independent patent technology development of new products which is under the

philosophy which is to protect environment, reduce the energy consumption of new products.

It uses gas or oil as fuel, using distilled water as the heat medium, in a sealed negative pressure

container, using different pressure in its saturation temperature ( boiling ) varied with the

characteristic of work.

Compared with traditional atmospheric pressure boiler, Deepblue central vacuum hot water

unit has the following advantages: higher than atmospheric pressure boiler thermal efficiency

of more than 5 percentage points; exhaust flue gas in CO content < > 0.02%, the environment

pollution is reduced to the lowest degree; the use of a machine, can meet the different users

of the different needs of hot water temperature; low operation cost, with the same power

compared to a year atmospheric pressure boiler, users can save 10000 yuan / Taiwan

operation costs.


◆The negative pressure operation, safe and reliable

◆The transformation of higher heat exchange efficiency

◆unit in heat exchanger, a machine diversity

◆The automatic control, simple operation

◆Environment protection combustion, exhaust gas cleaning

◆Multiple safety protection, running status monitoring

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